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Travis :)
1thilien12anger wrote in daily_music
Hello! Glad you found us!

If you like music, I hope you will enjoy browsing and posting about music that you enjoy!

Share with the world what artists and songs you like and help spread the word! :)

There will hopefully be a post each day that will share one song by posting a video or a link to the song.

General posting format:
- subject should include the artist and the name of the song
- post itself should include a video of the song (preferably) or a link to another site that has the song for listening
- check the tags and tag it appropriately (if you can't find an appropriate tag, let us know in the post and we'll add it)

- no putting download links
- credit when posting a video/link that's from something like a concert video
- no flames or inappropriate language
- no hating on artists/songs
- have fun and enjoy the music!


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